SensiSkin Garden Ceremony for Capillaries Skin

Calming, soothing Ceremony, caressing the sensitive and capillaries skin. The relaxing aura of the fruity land eases the mind and releases from stress. The abundance of vitamin C enhances the walls of the capillaries and skin’s immune system. It scavenges free radicals and helps the skin to retain its youth and tone. Highly concentrated active formulas based upon plant extracts from blackberries and bilberries, reduce inflammation and provide instant remedy, ideally moisturize and nourish, calming the skin and minimizing the capillaries. During this Ceremony the air is filled with sweet fruity scent of the forest treasures, enchanting the senses and relaxing the body. The treatment evens the skin’s colour and conditions it. The Ceremony ensures glowing skin and provides a spectacular beauty effect.