GreenZen Ceremony

Mystical Ceremony based upon the therapeutic power of tea, created to satisfy not only the care of the body but also the spiritual aspect of the ritual. It assists the hearing of your inner voice and leads to regaining natural harmony between the body and soul. It relieves from stress, rejuvenates and highlights your mood. It adds to the skin’s vitality and energy. During the treatment, the polyphenols, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B penetrate the skin enhancing its clearing of toxins, delay the ageing processes and moisturize it deeply. The therapeutic power of green tea leads also to restoring the mineral levels in the skin. The treatment reduces irritation, soothes dry skin and provides comfort together with moisture. The skin remains regenerated, visibly rejuvenated and evenly polished. Pleasant, delicate aroma of tea ensures the feeling of relief from tension and brings peace and calmness.