Purifying Skin Ceremony

A holistic purifying and mattifying Ceremony for oily skin with excess sebum and skin prone to comedones. An incredible combination of warming minerals and refreshing cranberry delivers unexpected sensations. The ritual begins with innovative face mask that eliminates toxins from the deepest skin layers. The effectiveness of the Ceremony is guaranteed by zeolite which thanks to its thermal abilities releases pores from congestion, enhances penetration of active ingredients, and boosts microcirculation. It provides balance of skin functions and sufficient oxygen levels and what is more it effectively regulates sebum excretion. Cranberry, packed with microelements, vitamin C and tocotrienols, slows down skin ageing and remineralises bringing at the same time the fruity aroma that pampers the senses. After the ceremony, pores are minimalized, the skin mattified and without any inflammation while the body remains soaked in heavenly feeling of relaxation, inflowing energy and freshness.