Total Cleansing

Total Cleansing is a line of specialised makeup remover products. Their formulas were created in a way to emphasise the fundamental role of proper cleansing of face skin. Neglecting this step of everyday care may result in sallow and grey complexion, as well as blackheads and spots. The cosmetics especially adjusted to the needs of the skin will not only precisely remove makeup and impurities which hinder the skin to breathe, but also – thanks to the presence of active ingredients, such as fruit acids, blueberry and orange extracts – soften and hydrate the skin, as well as make the complexion look fresh, bright and healthy.


Gentle Toner

Renewing toner, recommended for the daily care of every type skin. Based on a combination of acids fruit (glycolic, guilty, lactic, malic and citric), which content stimulate epidermis renovation processes. Delicately exfoliate stratum corneum, revealing fresh and new skin. Product used regularly smoothes, softens and evens skin complexion. Toner perfectly prepares skin for the next treatment steps.



Gentle Cleansing Milk

Velvety milk for daily care of all skin types. Gently removes face and eye makeup while preventing the skin from drying. Due to the content of orange essential oil and vitamin E, it leaves the skin feeling comfortable and delivers anti-aging action. The product keeps the skin optimally moisturized, providing smoothness and softness.