Sushi Ceremony

Sushi Ceremony comprises a range of precisely selected cosmetic products adjusted to diversified needs of mature skin resulting from changes related to the passing of time. Sushi Ceremony refers to centuries-old care traditions of the Far East. An important role is played by a substance obtained from rice germs – oryzanol – which is a high-performance antioxidant reducing wrinkles and improving microcirculation. Moreover, an Alpine Plant Complex effectively eliminates hyperpigmentation by regulating the process of melanogenesis. The skin is cleansed of toxins, it regains brighten and vitality. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E improve skin elasticity and resilience.


Rice Exfoliator

Fine-grained face peeling, recommended for mature and delicate skin, especially with hyperpigmentation problem. Product based on natural ingredients is a perfect combination of gentleness and efficacy. Light, creamy formula enhanced by rice powder, oryzanol and vitamin E, smoothes the skin and resurfaces dull epidermal cells. Rice particles stimulate microcirculation and eliminate toxins. Peeling helps to even skin tone, leaves skin smoothed and soft.



Rice Elixir

Product ensures fast and spectacular results in uneven fight against time to preserve a youthful appearance. Designed for all skin types, especially mature and affected hyperpigmentation problem. The essence of this product is highly advanced brightening complex that reduces hyperpigmentation through regulation of melanogenesis process. Hyaluronic acid defers skin aging processes, minimizes fine lines, moisturizes and smoothes. Vitamin E restores the epidermis lipid barrier. Light consistency absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue.



Rice Cream Mask

Easy to use, rich creamy mask deferring skin aging processes and reducing hyperpigmentation. It reveals healthy and smooth complexion. Oryzanol is a key ingredient which lightens hyperpigmentation and stimulates microcirculation, minimizing wrinkles. Unique combination with vitamin E, inhibits the action of free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. Mask is boosted with Alpine Plant Complex and shea butter that provides silky texture and suppleness for a long time. Excellent as express mask before events. In case of dry skin can be applied daily on night as a cream-mask.



Advanced Rice Cream

Lightweight product designed for treating mature skin, especially with tendency to dehydration. Formula is a compilation of plant ingredients with wide spectrum of action. Oryzanol provides superior free radical (leading to premature skin ageing) protection, promotes microcirculation and helps reduce fine lines. Jojoba oil and vitamin E stimulate skin regeneration and protect from firmness loss. Unique Alpine Plant Complex helps successfully fight against and prevents incidence of hyperpigmentation. This product brightens and revitalizes skin while minimizing pores and provides matte finish.