Eye Contour

Eye Contour is a result of laboratory observation of skin around the eyes which needs special protection and extraordinary gentleness. The line is produced in an environmentally friendly manner, which ensures the highest safety level confirmed by the EcoCert certificate. It is recommended for skin around the eyes care at every age. A masterful combination of safe and exceptionally effective organic ingredients of plant origin, as well as of active substances, ensures extraordinary effects. It eliminates dark circles and swelling, improves skin elasticity. Argan oil provides unsaturated fatty acids which ensure antioxidant effect. Osilift has lifting and soothing properties. Witch hazel, Shea butter and green tea tone, revitalise, strengthen, nourish, and smoothen fine lines.


Age Control Eye Cream

Rejuvenating cream designed for eye area care. A cocktail with specially selected organic plants and active substances (oat extract, hamamelin, argan oil, green tea), effectively enhances the barrier function of skin around the eyes, while lifting, regenerates cells and remodels eye contour. Remove fine wrinkles and tiredness marks. Antarcticine stimulate collagen production, and protects against harmful external factors. Remove fine lines and signs of fatigue. Recommended for even the most sensitive skin without causing irritation or allergy. Product has EcoCert certificate.