Derma Solution

Derma Solution is a line intended for advanced skin care. Its creation was inspired by aesthetic medicine achievements and, therefore, meets the needs of demanding Clients who are looking for complete care ensuring spectacular and long-lasting effects. Innovative formulas, which include advanced active substances, act in a synergetic and comprehensive manner, effectively nurturing the skin. They are based on revolutionary ingredients such as stem cells which, to date, were available only to physicians. They guarantee an optimal response to individual needs of the skin, fighting the signs of the passage of time in a visible way. They stimulate processes of biological regeneration and renewal of structures damaged with age, which have a considerable impact on the appearance.


Stem Cells Nourishing Cream

Rejuvenating cream, recommended for age 30+. Contains PhytoCellTecTM MD - floral stem cells in liposomes). Complex has regenerating properties and delays skin aging processes. Additionally formula enriched in hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and E restores right level of moisture, nourishes and improves skin elasticity. Regular usage of product reduces wrinkles and ensures radiant look.



Brightening Base SPF 50+

Cream-base suitable for complete care of all skin types. Ultra-light, velvety formula provides subtle brightening, multidimensional care and perfect skin protection against UV rays. Unique complex soothes irritation, reduces redness caused by irritation of the skin and provides pleasant soothing effect. Addition of Caesalpinia Spinosa extract, guarantees intensive and long-lasting moisturizing. After applying the cream the complexion is perfectly smooth, nourished and radiant.



Peptide Riche Cream

Hyperactive regenerating cream for all skin types, especially dry and mature. The luxurious formula, combining the action of polypeptides and derivatives of retinol, provides optimal rejuvenation and protection result. Actively intervenes to reduce the depth of wrinkles by increasing collagen production (including collagen type I and III) and stimulates regeneration processes. Careful selection of ingredients with nutritional properties, such as palm oil and borage extract, provides perfect protection from external factors, conditions and smoothes the skin. Systematic application allows to explicitly maximize the young and luminous look. The skin becomes taut, regains firmness and velvety smoothness.