Clinical Repair Care

An intense line for anti-aging treatment that can be used solo or as an addition and supplement to medical treatments. It includes products for maintaining treatment effects and stimulating self-repair processes. It combines medical innovation, effectiveness and safety with pleasure and ease of use. Product recipes rich in ingredients with clinical effectiveness constitute a complex skin regeneration program. Clinical Repair Care is a perfect supplement to invasive treatment, but it can also be used as an alternative therapy. Products based on Matrixyl synthe 6, Colageneer and amino acids prevent loss of tension and flexibility, restore the genetic potential of young skin and intensively stimulate skin regeneration processes. They instantly improve skin condition and visibly smooth out wrinkles. These products activate regeneration mechanisms, offering long-lasting rejuvenation results that are measurable and noticeable.


Age Reverse Concentrate

Ultra-active concentrate designed for mature skin care and for maintaining the effects of medesthetic treatment. It is a revitalizing cocktail of active ingredients enclosed in a concentrated formula with a double effect of smoothing wrinkles and reinforcing skin structure. The dermo-relaxing stoechiol, demonstrating Botox-like effects, works like fitotaping. It helps reduce epidermis tension, preventing mimic wrinkles. At the same time, Collageener® stimulates collagen synthesis, making the skin more flexible. The product restores elasticity and smoothness and helps retain youth through intensive regeneration and reduction of the visible results of skin ageing. The silk texture of the serum deeply nourishes, leaving the skin velvety soft.



Laser Precision Filler

An injection-free wrinkle filler immediately fills mimic lines and hollows around the eyes, lips and on the forehead that have endogenous or mimic origins or appeared due to skin photo ageing processes. It reduces their depth and prevents their further creation with laser precision. The peptide complex with Botox-like effect, together with Duo Hyaluronic complex, makes the skin smooth and offers treatment for reducing the signs of tiredness and ageing and improving the synthesis of basic skin structure elements. The velvety texture leaves the skin firm and reduces wrinkles for more smooth, younger look. The results are visible right after use.



Age Reverse Cream

A highly efficient cream recommended especially for intensive support of skin functions during recovery after treatments with the use of laser, injection or chemical peels. It effectively prevents creation of the unwanted signs of skin ageing. The concentrated Sepilift DPHP complex shows triple firming action - it stimulates the production of collagen, protects elastic fibers and offers immediate effect of neutralizing oxidative damages. The formula is supplemented with Oxygen Complex and Asparlyne that stimulate cellular activity, while Shea butter, rich in repairing lipids, aids regeneration processes, also in irritated and weakened skin after invasive medical treatments. It restores comfort and skin softness. Day after day, the skin becomes visibly regenerated and younger and the face oval regains its proper shape.



Age Reverse Eye Cream

An intense cream with lifting and rejuvenating action. It is a comprehensive care program designed for the demanding eye area, which reduces swelling, brightens up shadows and smooths out wrinkles. With active Matrixyl synthe 6 and Zirhafirm® complexes, showing dermo-relaxing effect, it reduces wrinkle depth, activates regeneration processes and improves skin firmness with laser precision. The product formula is enriched with Micropearl MHB-R, giving the skin a velvety touch and brightening up the eye area. The carefully selected ingredients and light texture make this product a perfect weapon against the signs of tiredness, while reducing wrinkles around eyes and leaving the skin visibly smoother and more radiant.



HydraCalm Cream-Gel

A velvety formula with gel-cream texture gives optimum hydration, eliminating roughness and the unwanted tension in the skin. A perfect product caring especially well for irritated or reddened skin during the first days after intensive esthetic medicine treatments such as microinjections, chemical peels or laser therapy. A perfect combination of hydrating ingredients and Kunai grass extract that sooths swelling, brining back balance and comfort to the skin. It offers instant and long-lasting hydrating effect, making the skin smooth, refreshed and softer. The delicate texture brings back softness and sooths the “thirsty” skin. Applied daily, it reinforces and protects the skin against loosing moisture and improves its elasticity.



Retinol Night Cream 0,5%

A cream showing intense regeneration and repair effects. The advanced recipe is based on the technology of encapsulating a stable form of Retinol in microcarriers of 0,5% concentration. The use allows achieving greater stability and improved retinol absorbency by the skin. Integrated with a number of substances with antiwrinkle (tocopherol), hydrating (Irish moss) and soothing (bisabolol) action, it helps reduce the effects of skin ageing. At the same time, it improves firmness, helps rebuild protective barrier and increases hydration level in tissues. The cream offers spectacular “new skin” effect and constitutes a perfect preparation of the skin for professional treatment with higher concentration of retinol.