Clinical Repair Body Care

A specialist program created for body care designed for demanding customers. The line of products recommended to use before and/or after aesthetic medical treatments (liposuction, injection and laser lipolysis, etc.) to prolong and sustain the results. The combination of medically-selected active ingredients at optimum concentrations and non-standard formulas are the foundation of multidirectional action to ensure firm, moisturized and smooth skin without visible signs of cellulite. Lipout™ - an active ingredient based on the latest scientific findings on adipocyte activity - stimulates the conversion of fat cells from an inactive form, which stores fat to the active form, resulting in a much faster process of thermogenesis. Clinical Repair Body Care instantly improves skin condition by stimulating metabolising and fat burning processes.


Lipolytic Cream

Lipolytic body cream, containing the innovative active ingredient Lipout™, is based on the latest scientific findings on the activity of human fat cells - beige adipocytes. Lipout™ increases thermogenesis and fat burning processes in subcutaneous tissue thereby preventing the stubborn recurrence of "orange peel". Hydramine reduces the visibility of stretch marks, while marine collagen and marine elastin both provide the creation of natural skin support fibers and lifting effects. Centella Asiatica is responsible for reducing capillary permeability as well as fat cell volume, leading to increased firmness and reduced stretch marks. Organic Algisium C® induces a slimming effect.