Acid Peels

Acid Peels is a line the creation of which was inspired by the eternal aspirations to achieve the ideal of beauty. Formulas of the products – unique and carefully elaborated by experts – combine the power of alpha hydroxy acids with an extraordinary effectiveness of active ingredients. They ensure a perfect preparation of each skin type before a beauty salon treatment and help to make its effects last longer. They gently peel, stimulate renewal and regeneration of skin cells. The products smoothen wrinkles, restore skin luminosity and normalise complexion. They favour skin tone correction, minimise imperfections and scars. They are a perfect base constituting an aid in the treatment of skin disorders, problems of skin with dilated capillaries, as well as symptoms of ageing of the skin. It is an intense therapy elaborated for demanding customers who expect an active effect and fast results at the same time.


Repairing Night Peel

Revolutionary cream for daily care with exfoliating and biostimulating action. Suitable for all skin types. The synergistic effect of four Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, mandelic, citric, lactic) delicately exfoliates, cleanses and brightens skin. Improves the levels of glycosaminoglycans, ensuring proper hydration of the deeper layers of the skin. Thanks to stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, it reduces signs of ages, smoothing wrinkles, restoring firmness and skin luminosity. Lightweight, gel texture is quickly absorbed, leaving skin velvety soft. Recommended as skin preparation for professional exfoliations and strengthening results after peel treatments.



Restoring Night Peel

Specialized therapy for daily care, designed to treat skin with dilated capillaries, also due to Rosacea. The unique formula, based on azelaic and phytic acids and vitamin B3, guarantees the constriction of the capillaries while improving moisture level, has antiinflammatory properties and supports natural cell renewal. Thanks to softening properties of aloe vera and the Indian plant Boswellia Serrata, cream minimizes discomfort and reduces skin irritation. Recommended as skin preparation for professional exfoliations and strengthening results after peel treatments.



Aloe Vera Calming Gel

A gel based on the 98% pure Aloe Vera extract with immediate soothing effect. Intended for all skin types, especially irritated after invasive cosmetic treatments or treatments related to aesthetic medicine (chemical peelings, laser, RF, depilation, mesotherapy). It provides relief also in case of changes caused by excessive sun, cold and wind exposure. The miraculous powers of Aloe come from the synergy of numerous active ingredients – mainly mucus polysaccharides (e.g. hyaluronic acid), amino acids (NMF) and EFA. It also constitutes an invaluable source of vitamins (C, B2, B6), minerals, proteins, enzymes, saponins, flavonoids, essential oils and organic acids. It has regenerative properties, repairs the epidermis, accelerates healing of injuries and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.